Kelly Slater Interviews Citizen Cope; Citizen Cope Interviews Kelly Slater


The cool kids are into Cope. Bono digs his stuff. The Boss is down. Dave Matthews wants him to open his shows. And this year, when Citizen Cope (aka Clarence Greenwood) visited the North Shore for a couple shows and some R and R, he was cruising with his new fans Jack Johnson and Eddie Vedder. Even Kelly Slater offered to do this interview for us — so there you go?

KELLY SLATER: What’s your surf connection considering you’re from Brooklyn? How’d you meet Sanoe [Lake] and Co.?

CITIZEN COPE: I started getting requests from surfing films and compilations to use my music. They were usually small independent filmmakers or music enthusiasts. I really wanted to get the music out to the surfing culture because, although I am not a surfer, I got a good feeling being around the people I knew that surfed. I felt they had passion and had risen above some of the pettiness most people have to surrender to in the rat race that has become America. Although they were competitive, they were positive and supportive. I met Sanoe through her husband Michael [Eaton] who did one of the only articles on me that I enjoyed for a now defunct magazine. He also is a dope photographer and artist. They are both really spiritual people and have a deep connection and appreciation for the arts.

KS: You haven’t really broken big time mainstream yet, but everyone who I give it to loves it right away. What’s the plan to get you out their in everyone’s ears? Your damn songs have been stuck in my head 24/7 lately, by the way.

{{{CC}}}: Thanks. The beauty of not getting the mainstream success is that when people recognize me or my music, it's not about any kind of celebrity, it's about a real connection to the music. They haven’t seen me on MTV or heard me on commercial radio, but have heard it through a friend or a movie or come to a show. It's cool getting that type of love. Although it does disappoint me sometimes that the music has not seen the exposure that I think it should have, there is a silver lining knowing that people genuinely like the music.