Citizen Cope on the Road

  • Kelly Slater interviews Cope; Citizen Cope interviews Slater
    The cool kids are into Cope. Bono digs his stuff. The Boss is down. Dave Matthews wants him to open his shows. And this year, when Citizen Cope (aka Clarence Greenwood) visited the North Shore for a couple shows and some R and R, he was cruising with his new fans Jack Johnson and Eddie Vedder. Even Kelly Slater offered to do this interview for us — so there you go? KELLY SLATER: What’s your surf connection considering you’re from Brooklyn? How’d you meet Sanoe [Lake] and Co.? CITIZEN COPE: I …read more
  • Citizen Cope’s Record Year
    By David Segal Originally Published January 28, 2002 Anyone trying to fathom the eccentric wonders of Clarence Greenwood’s life and music should probably start with his guitar. When most people learn the instrument, they tune it to something called standard tuning and strum all six strings. Not Greenwood. He ditched the bottom E string because he just wasn’t playing it, and then tuned another, the B string, to B-flat. This is a little like going to work without a shirt: You can do …read more
  • Song Premiere: Citizen Cope, ‘One Lovely Day’
    By Natalie Morin After years of exclusively playing the song live, Citizen Cope has finally laid down this track for fans to listen to in the privacy of their own homes. Though Clarence Greenwood, the singer-songwriter behind the stage name, has performed “One Lovely Day” since 2010, here he gives it a new layer of depth with a live string quartet – a novelty in his 19-year career. There was a chance that the song wouldn’t even be released under Citizen Cope’s name – as he reveals to Rolling …read more

One Lovely Day

Citizen Cope - One Lovely Day

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